Current St George Trail Conditions

Blogging is supposed to be dead in 2011…but luckily *my* blog doesn’t seem to be all the way there yet 😉

St George had a really wet December. This is what happened when some real cold was added on to the wet.

I’ve never ever seen ice like this in Green Valley. I was slipping around pushing my bike over it. Cleats and ice no es  bueno.

On Sunday Jan 2nd I went hunting all over the county and into the next state for some rideable dirt. Even the reliable roads out on the Arizona strip were too mucky for me. I’ve never been 100% shut out of dirt in St George before. That is a first after living here for 15 years!

Monday morning looked like this.

The pavement dropped into non-rideable status.

Yes I did break out the trainer!!



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